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VERWAY - premium lifestyle brand

Diversity, equal opportunities and a new way of life!

VERWAY is the new, international premium lifestyle brand for modern, luxurious, high quality and trend-conscious beauty, wellness, health and home living products. Our strategically ingenious multiple positioning in direct sales / network marketing, e-commerce, social media, tele-shopping and franchising and simultaneous access we provide to global mega markets and trends make VERWAY the most innovative multi-channel company in Europe.

Who is Ilhan Dogan?

Ilhan Dogan was born in Germany to a family of seven children. Despite of his rough childhood he never lost hope.

From a young age, he started selling perfumes for a German network company and loved his job. His strong personality, brilliant intelligence and career ladder success eventually made him one of the best networkers in the world. Using his years of knowledge, he developed training manuals and audio materials, teaching people around the globe how to achieve professional success and accomplish personal goals.

More than 30 years of experience in sales, coaching, and working with major companies have helped him understand how to bring innovation to the market and create leading business concepts before they become mainstream.

Ilhan Dogan and his team create selected products and marketing strategies with a unique selling point for VERWAY partners worldwide. Quality at an affordable price, taking into account economic, ecological and social aspects.

Using all his knowledge on network marketing, he invested to create his own company
and bring innovation to this field - VERWAY was born.

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VERWAY Enriching Lives

VERWAY has set itself the goal of defining new standards at all levels

Our goal is to set new standards in the area of quality of life, healthy nutrition, product safety as well as quality and purchasing and logistics - taking into account economic, ecological and social aspects.

When Ilhan Dogan laid the foundation stone for the VERWAY lifestyle brand, the principles of sustainability, fairness and uncompromising quality formed the top priority to which he dedicated himself. Great care has been taken to ensure the highest possible raw material quality and concentration of active ingredients in all VERWAY products.

We have also paid special attention to creating timelessly beautiful packaging forms and a modern, elegant design. With can say with pride that VERWAY represenets the new standard in premium class! Our premium aspiration is also made apparent by the various certificates we have been awarded that can only be obtained by meeting the highest quality standards. For example, all our Aloe Vera products are certified organic and meet the high standards set by independent testing laboratories and institutes. Premium quality, absolute customer focus and excellent service - these form the basics of our entrepreneurial thinking.

Fairness and responsibility are very important at VERWAY as well. Luxury does not have to come at a price and optimum does not have to mean maximum.

Our motto is to offer unrivalled premium quality, absolutely unbeatable low prices and diverse income opportunities for anyone who wants to improve their quality of life using their own ideas.