Live cooking seminar with VERWAY Aloe Vera

Celebrity chef in action

VERWAY proudly presents

our first LIVE cooking seminar with the VERWAY Aloe Vera

and with the close support of Gerald Wespiser. The seminar will take place on Sunday, March 31 from 11 to 18 o'clock in a cooking school in Bonn.

  • Anyone can can cook with Gérald
  • Professional tips for following the recipe
  • More insight and knowledge about the gourmet vegetable Aloe Vera and how to use our the awesome VERWAY products
  • We all eat together when the food is ready
  • Build a great additional income of over € 2000 with Aloe Vera cooking events. We show you how.
  • The seminar will be in German

We all eat together

Gérald Wespiser

VERWAY Aloe Vera

To make a good seminar, we have only a limited number of participants.

The package incl. all ingredients, lunch and beverages.

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