VERWAY International Power day

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- Motivation by company founder Ilhan Dogan

- Special guest Biyon Kattilathu Motivational speaker

- Honors
- New visions
- New Blockbuster products
- Followed by a Top White Party

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Motivation from Ilhan Dogan

If you want to make a career in the traditional way, you have to take the regular path to the top of a business. You have to please your supervisor, say what they want to hear, suppress your ideas and thoughts, follow their instructions, and at the same time, compete with the potential candidates for the next higher position.

Anyone willing to sell their soul for this kind of position, will never be happy.

I decided to become an entrepreneur. What makes direct sales so unique, that you need to invest next to nothing beside your ambition. You can start as an entrepreneur right away without jumping in the deep end. Start it as a part-time job and see how this new task feels for you. The better you are, the faster you will grow. Financially and personally. In addition there are no limits in direct sales. You can grow as long as you want to grow, this means, you can aim to any income you want to have. Limitless.

Special Guest - Biyon Kattilathu

“Leave the world a little better than you found it.”

Whether as a speaker, on stage or as a brand ambassador: the values of "honesty", "respect" and "trust" are my top priority. I never judge a person in whose shoes I have not walked at least one day.

After the work is done,
we party all white, all night

White Party

Dress code for the Party: Completely in white

We offer 3 categories:

Web Eintrittskarte All Inkl

VIP Gold Ticket - 99,- € (limited number)
+ White Night Party
+ Meet and Greet
+ Drinks and catering all inclusive

Web Eintrittskarte 2 Drinks

Silver Ticket - 19,- €
+ White Night Party
+ 2 Free drinks

Web Eintrittskarte Ohne Party

Ticket only for the event 7,- €

Dress Code for the event: Business

Doors open: 1 PM | Start: 2 PM

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