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Gold infused cosmetic collection

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Pamper yourself with gold

VERWAY COSMETIC COLLECTION with exclusive and luxurious active ingredients

Combination with other precious and unique active ingredients heralds a new era in skin care. VERWAY offers luxurious care products that take into account the special features of every skin, making it even more youthful and radiant. Highly concentrated combinations of active ingredients give your skin a visibly fresher and lastingly smooth appearance.
Carefully tested and developed in expert laboratories, VERWAY's Gold Infused products offer the latest technology in skin care.

Gold infused collaten cream concentrate

Pamper yourself with gold

Day & Night Cream Concentrate - with real 24K colloidal gold, marine collagen and 8 other top active agents. Firming anti-wrinkle effect and exclusive active ingredients for rejuvenating your skin.

  • Tightening
  • Moisture
  • Elasticity
  • Firming
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Gold infused Anti-cellulite cream concentrate

Highly concentrated combinations of active ingredients improve the cosmetic appearance of the external visible signs of orange-peel skin and unsightly bumps and provide the skin with long-lasting moisture. Active ingredients for youthful skin.


Phase 1: Noticeable increase in blood flow to the skin
Phase 2:
Skin warmth and flushing
Phase 3:
Improved nutrient supply; cell activation; stimulation of metabolism and fat burning
Phase 4:
Strengthening of tissues
Phase 5:
Smoother skin appearance
Phase 6: More elasticity through deep hydration
Phase 7:
Silkier, smoother, tighter skin

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hydrating - tightening - purifying - calming - regenerating

VERWAY Gold Infused Cosmetics Collection - Five-fold power for your skin!

Youth does not mean the same thing to each woman. It is reflected differently in each face. This is why VERWAY Cosmetics Collection has created an effective anti-aging care product that is tailored to the individual needs of particular skin types.

Micellar water

Gently cleansing and at the same time hydrating, micellar water clarifies and tones the skin. Pores appear finer, skin tone appears fresh and radiant and irritations are soothed.

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Firming serum

Noticeably more elasticity and smoothness thanks to an optimal supply of active ingredients. Serum stimulates the regeneration process and the skin gains new radiance.

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Firming eye Cream

Nourishes and tightens the sensitive eye area. Wrinkles appear minimised and skin appearance is boosted from the inside.

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