Enriching lives with Premium Aloe Vera

Certified organic aloe vera from southern Spain

VERWAY Organic Aloe Vera is pure quality of life!

In order to guarantee the highest quality of the raw materials in our products at all times, VERWAY obtains Aloe Vera from organically certified farms in Spain. The ideal microclimate of Andalusia, combined with healthy, nutrient-rich soil, create a particularly high concentration of active ingredients in our raw materials.

VERWAY only harvests naturally matured Aloe Vera (3-4 years old), because only adult plant leaves contain 100% of their valuable properties. With up to 10,000 hours of stored sunshine, vitality and moisture, the Aloe Vera plant leaves contain an unbeatable and powerful active ingredient complex for your entire body and general well-being.

The Aloe Vera is harvested exclusively by hand, creating an exclusive and select product, and ensuring only the highest quality plants are released for use. Less than 24 hours pass from the harvest to the finished product.

The organic cultivation of Aloe Vera is strictly controlled. All VERWAY Aloe Vera products contain Aloe Vera from organic certified plantations which are cultivated in accordance with EU regulations on organic agriculture.

Enriching lives wit aloe vera drinking gel

VERWAY Aloe Vera Drinking Gel is the power drink to start your day. A natural and wholesome drink leaving nothing to be desired, this wonderfully fresh tasting power drink with acai, agave and honey contains a wide variety of natural nutrients.

  • outstanding excellence
  • ripened naturally
  • harvested by hand
  • certified organically cultivated
  • no chemical additives
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Enriching lives with Aloe Vera fillet

100% Premium Aloe Vera Fillet is a true all-rounder, promoting general well-being, beauty and vitality.

Delicious, valuable and pure.

This elixir of life and beauty, an object of desire for thousands of years, can either be used as a wholesome gourmet vegetable in dishes or in exclusive and natural fresh cosmetics.

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A happy and healthy day with aloe vera

enriching lives with diced Aloe Vera

Premium diced Aloe Vera in sweet syrup or as a wholesome gourmet vegetable. Ready to eat as a tasty snack or a delicious addition to a variety of recipes. Be inspired by the freshness and delicacy of VERWAY diced Aloe Vera and create your own favourite recipe.

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Aloe Vera Veggie Burger wit Aloe Vera Filet

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Roasted lamb fillet with aloe vera onion compote