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Enjoy every moment of your life to the full with VERWAY Health and Fitness. For more power in sports, better performance in tricky tasks and more energy in everyday life. Master every challenge with VERWAY products!

Everyday life can often be stressful these days, and opportunities for recreation can be rare. Whether it’s playing sports or at the office, after a sleepless night or after a strenuous task - your body needs to regenerate itself.

VERWAY Health and Fitness products provide exactly what you need. Relaxing nights, energy for the whole day, food for your brain, regeneration for your muscles or the all-in-one foundation for your body: with VERWAY you can go through the day on full power.

The daily kickstarter for your vitality

Packed full of vitamins

VERWAY All-In-One Instant Drink is the simple and effective solution, supporting your vitality and micro-nutrient balance. Packed full of vitamins, minerals, fruit, vegetables, algae, fibre, omega fatty acids and colostrum, VERWAY All-in-One contains a unique combination of high quality ingredients to complement your daily diet and that of your family.

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Energize! enrich your power

VERWAY energize! gives your body the extra kick to achieve more and to reach new levels of performance. Set your day to full power and fill your tank with renewed energy. Suitable for vegetarians.

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Enrich your body! VERWAY repower! is here to help! During its 10 years of development VERWAY repower! has been tested with athletes and applied with great success. Regeneration after stress is more effective and the regeneration time needed is considerably shortened. Energy reserves are built up and the following day the body is energised and regenerated once more!

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Achieve goals

VERWAY focus! Enrich your goals!

Focus - Concentration - Activation

Concentrate, reach your goals and achieve success! Afternoon slump? Important meeting? Exam coming up? That’s when you need an instant energy boost for your brain! VERWAY focus! - strengthens your focus.

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Restful night

VERWAY sleep! Enrich your dreams!
Difficulty falling asleep, waking in the night, snoring, walking up and down with twitching legs, dozing off several times a day - sleep problems have many faces and numerous causes.

Sufficient length and quality of sleep not only contributes to mental and physical fitness, it also helps to stay healthy, young and beautiful and can help with weight loss. Further plus points of good sleep are a strengthened immune system, mental balance and improved organ and metabolic functions.

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